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T.J. Henwood - Masonic Biography

Last Update: 12/26/2021

Symbolic Lodge:

Served as Master of Sylvan Hills #754 in 1996. Currently Secretary.
Received Grand Lodge of AR "Perfect Ashlar" award, 2000
Received "Pillars of Solomon" award, 2007
Grand Lodge Representative to Iceland.
District Deputy Grand Master - Dist. 3, 2010-2011 &
Dist. 26, 2015-2016
Editor, The Masonic Trowel, Grand Lodge e-newsletter 2017-2020

Scottish Rite:
33rd Degree, Sovereign Grand Inspector General-Honorary 2013
Knight Commander o/t Court of Honor, 1997
Royal Order of Scotland, 2000

York Rite:
Royal Arch Chapter:

EHP Iris #151, 1996; Union #2, 2004
General Grand Chapter Bronze Medal, 2005
1st AR recipient, Gen. Grand Chapter Ritual Excellency Award, 2007
Grand Representative of Western Australia near AR
Gen. Grand Chapter Ambassador to AR 2005-2011
Grand Lecturer, 2015-2016
Elected and Installed as Grand Treasurer, March 2016
Elected and Installed as GHP 2018
TJH presented w/General Grand Chapter
Excellence in Ritual Award by
General Grand High Priest "Smokey" Ferguson.
Editor, "The AR Royal Arch", supplement to The Royal Arch magazine 2003-Present
Appointed General Grand Custodian of the Work, 2020
Editor, The Royal Arch Mason Magazine, Fall 2021-Present

Cryptic Masons:
TIM Occidental #1, 2000
Cryptic Masons Intl. Youth Leadership Award, 1999
Cryptic Mason of the Year, 1999
DDGM At Large 2-13-2014
Elected and Installed Grand Treasurer, March 2016
Elected and Installed as MIGM 2018

Knights Templar:
Eminent Commander, Hugh de Payens #1, 1999
Grand Capt. General, AR, 2004-05
Grand Encampment, Knight Commander o/t Temple, 2008
Elected and Installed Grand Treasurer, March 2016
Elected REGC, Honorary 2018
Editor, "AR Supplement" to the Knight Templar magazine, 1997-present.

Knight York Cross of Honor, Past Prior, 2006-07

York Rite College of N. America:
Gold Honor Award, 1998; Order o/t Purple Cross & Assc. Regent, 2008
Past Governor, AR College #142 - Director of Work

Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine
Past Sovereign, 2008 - Director of Work
Recorder, 2016 - present

Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests
V. E. P.  2012 - Director of Work
Treasurer/Registrar, 2016 - present

Knight Masons - Grand Superintendent in AR, 2020 - present

Past Monarch, Bendemeer Grotto, 1997

Allied Masonic Degrees, Past TIM; OES, Past Patron; Amaranth, Past Royal Patron, Past Grand Chaplain;
HRAKTP; Yeomen of York; Shrine; AR Past Commanders Assn, Past Pres.-Director of Work;
and so on....

The whole story, from the beginning, up to now:

Active DeMolay in Fay Hempstead Chapter, Little Rock, AR. 1975-1980.
Past Master Councilor 1978.
Winner “Best Master Councilor” in Chapter Proficiency Ritual competition, AR Conclave 1978. Participated as Chaplain on Tournament of Champions winning team, 1977.

As an adult Sr. DeMolay:
Charter Member, Arkansas DeMolay Alumni Assn.; 1st President. (Founder)
Chartered 1/25/95. Currently President Emeritus. Treasurer, 2003-2005
Coined phrase: “The Perfect Ashlars of the Temple of Tomorrow are Hewn and Squared in the Quarries of DeMolay, Today” in 1994 while developing AR DeMolay Alumni Assn.

Appointed to Active Membership in the International Supreme Council of DeMolay Intl. and Executive Officer for DeMolay in Arkansas August 2, 1997-June 1, 2002.(Becoming the 5th person to hold this position in Arkansas since 1922.)
By appointment as an Active Member, ISC, receiving all honors of DeMolay including the Degree of Chevalier, Cross of Honor, and Active Legion of Honor.
Conferred Legion of Honor in AR 1997-2002.
Active Member, ISC through June 15, 2007. Elected Emeritus Member, ISC 6/15/07.

On to Adult Masonry...
Petitioned Sylvan Hills Lodge #754, F:. & A:. M:. at Sherwood, Arkansas
for the degrees of Masonry in January 1992. All degree dates as follows:

E.A.: 3/12/92 F.C.: 4/23/92 M.M.: 6/11/92 (Perpetual Member)
Installed as Worshipful Master, Sylvan Hills Lodge 12/14/95.
(Installation performed by M:. W:. B. R. Jackson, then Grand Master)
Currently, Secretary
Chairman, Public Relations, Scholarship, Funeral Committees, & Webmaster 1997-present
Certified in: Lecture, Officer Proficiency
Appointed Grand Representative to Iceland 2000-present.
Appointed to membership in the Grand Lodge of Arkansas “Perfect Ashlars” Society. 2/3/2000 by M:.W:. Kevin L. Hatfield, Grand Master. (Member #1)
Received Grand Lodge “Pillars of Solomon” Award 6/7/2007.
District Deputy Grand Master, Dist. 3 2010-2011; Dist. 26 2015-2016

Member of Bendemeer Grotto, M.O.V.P.E.R. Little Rock, AR..; Initiated 7/15/92.
Past Monarch, 1997. Life member.
Appointed to Supreme Grotto Youth Committee, 1/1/99-2004.
Charter Member, Bendemeer Past Monarch’s Unit

Member of Iris Chapter #151, Royal Arch Masons, Jacksonville, AR.
Initiated (MM-RA) 10/24/92.
Installed as E. H. P. 12/8/95.
(Installation performed by M:.E:.G:.H:.P:. Jess N. Bonds, II G.H.P.)
Life Member by virtue of P.H.P.
Dual member of Union Chapter #2, R.A.M., Little Rock, AR.
PHP (2004) Perpetual Member #427 Currently Secretary
(Served on Union Chapter sesquicentennial committee and designed commemorative lapel pin and "Mark" coin.)

2005 Recipient General Grand Chapter RAM Intl. Distinguished Service Bronze Medal.Appointed as General Grand Chapter, RAM, Ambassador to Arkansas, 2005-2008, 2008-2011
Appointed Grand Representative to the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Western Australia 12/8/95-present.
Received Anointed Order of High Priesthood 3/13/1997.
Have conferred Order as President for Conferral 1999-present, President 2008. Dir. of Work.
Appointed and Installed District Deputy Grand High Priest, Dist. 4, 3/15/1997, 3/16/98, & 3/13/2004.
Grand Lecturer, 2015-2016
Elected and Installed as Grand Treasurer of the Grand Chapter of AR, March 2016
Elected and Installed Grand High Priest 2018
Appointed General Grand Custodian of the Work, 2020
Appointed editor of "The Arkansas Royal Arch", supplement to The Royal Arch Mason Magazine, 2003-present.
Appointed editor of The Royal Arch Mason Magazine, Fall 2021 - present
1st Recipient in Arkansas, and 3rd Recipient nationally, of the General Grand Chapter Ritual Excellency Award, Sept. 22, 2007.

Received Order of High Priesthood in AR Council 1997.
Director of Work and Anointing High Priest 1998-2020.
Treasurer/Secretary 2017 - preseent

Member of Occidental Council #1, Royal And Select Masters, Little Rock, AR.
Initiated 10/24/92.(Perpetual Mem. #427, 1994)
Served as Thrice Illustrious Master in 2000.
Received Order of Sword & Trowel, May, 2001, AR Council of Thrice Illustrious Masters.
Served as Thrice Illustrious Master 2006-2007. Currently: Director of Work
Appointed Grand Representative to the Grand Council of Washington State.August 1999-present.
District Deputy Grand Master at Large, 2012 - 2015
Received the Cryptic Masons Intl. Youth Leadership Award, 1999.
Cryptic Mason of the Year in AR, 1999.
Elected and Installed as Grand Treasurer of the Grand Council of AR, March 2016
Elected and Installed MIGM 2018

Member of Hugh de Payens Commandery #1, K.T., Little Rock, AR.; Initiated 10/24/92.
Past Eminent Commander, 1999. Perpetual Member #427
Received Grand Master’s Membership award in 1997. (10 Petitioners Knighted.) Received 1st Oak Leaf cluster in 1999.(15 knighted.) Currently have signed over 50 petitions.
Have served as editor of the "Arkansas Supplement" to the Knight Templar magazine, 1997-present.
Served as Aide to the Grand Commander, District 1 in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.
Special Aide to Grand Commander 2003-”AR KT Crusade for DeMolay” Chairman.
Special Aide to Grand Commander 2011-Development of Order of Malta.
Appointed Grand Representative to Grand Commandery of Nevada 6/2/2003-present.
Past Grand Capt. General, GC of AR, 2004-2005. (Completed term of Jack Sharp after his death.)
Received Grand Encampment "Knight Commander of the Temple" award March, 2008.
Charter Member, Arkansas Past Commanders’ Assn. - Inducted 8/23/2003.
Appointed to serve as Conductor in Charter Induction & original corps of officers. Conductor Emeritus. Past President (2007-2008). Director of Work.
Elected and Installed as Grand Treasurer of the Grand Commandery of AR, March 2016
Elected to Honorary Past Grand Commander 2018

Member of St. Giles Conclave, Order of the Red Cross of Constantine, Little Rock, AR. (Initiated December 8, 1995) Currently: Past Sovereign, 2008, Director of Work, Recorder, 2016 - present

Member of Arkansas York Rite College #142.
Made a Knight of York 5/18/96. Perpetual member, 2003
Have served on Grand Lodge Library & Museum Committee & Grand Sesquicentennial Committee. Active ritualist: (Prologue in 1st & Preceptor in 3rd section-“Rose Lecture”.)
Past Governor (2008-2009). Director of Work
Received York Rite College of N. America “Gold Star” Achievement award, 1998.
Received the Order of the Purple Cross, Restin, VA July, 2008.

Anointed as Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest 12/15/2001, Holy Grail Tabernacle XI. Mem #6330  V.E.P 2012. Director of Work 2003-2020, Treasurer/Registrar, 2016-present

Received Knight York Cross of Honor in May 2001, Albert Pike Priory #20.
Served as Prior 2006-2007. Director of Work, 2002-present

Member of the Scottish Rite Bodies, Valley of Little Rock, Orient of Arkansas of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A.
All degrees 10/29-31/1992. Perpetual Member - 2003.
Active ritualist in the work of the 14th, 16th, 20th, 24th, 27th, 30th, and 31st degrees (Ven Pres.) Conferred the 14th Degree as Venerable Master of Arkansas Lodge of Perfection #1 Spring Reunion, 1997-Spring reunion 2002. Also conferred 14th degree in Ft. Smith Fall 2001 & Spring 2002. Alternate Prior for the 32nd degree. Orator, 2nd Apartment, 30th degree.
Active member, Eagle Scout Committee. (Eagle Scout, 1973.)
Elevated to the Rank and Honor of Knight Commander of the Court of Honor Dec. 1997.
Received Royal Order of Scotland, March, 2000, Dallas, Texas.

Coronated to the 33rd and last Degree 10/5/2013.

Member of the Arkansas College, S.R.I.C.F. Initiated to the Grade VII 4/17/93.
Elevated to VIII Grade 11/5/2021
Served as Treasurer 1996-2000. Have conferred the 1st Grade on all candidates 1999-present.
Currently Celebrant.

Member of Gilchrist Council #26, Allied Masonic Degrees. Initiated July, 1995.
Served as Sovereign Master in 2001. Elected to Red Branch of Erie, 2001.
Elected Emeritus Member, Sept. 2007.

Initiated at Tralee Council, Knight Masons, Millington, TN. 8/13/97.
Demitted 8/26/2003.
Charter member of Arkansas Council, #80, 2002. Excellent Chief in 2009 and 2010.
Made Director of Work, 2019
Grand Superintendent in AR, 2020-present

Initiated w/wife Paula Henwood 6/14/93 into Sylvan Hills Chapter #602, O.E.S. .
Past Worthy Patron, 1999. (Served w/Paula)
Now affiliated with Florence Chapter #15 in NLR. Past Patron.
(Paula served as Grand Marshal, Grand Chapter OES of AR 2004.)
Received Rob Morris Award-2006.

Initiated into Royal Order of Amaranth in 2002, Friendship Court #10, NLR, AR.
Prelate, 2003-2004. Royal Patron 2005.
Paula was Royal Matron for 2003-2004.
Grand Prelate of Arkansas, 2006-2007

Member of Scimitar Shrine Temple September 1995-2001. Voluntary demit.
Served asYork Rite Liaison Officer1996-2000.


Educated in public schools, St. Marks School of Texas, and University of AR at Little Rock.

Eagle Scout, 1973. Member of Troops 890 and 82 in Dallas, TX and 62 in Edina, MN.

Professional Radio Broadcaster in Central Arkansas, 1979-1991. Specializing in News and Public Relations. Winner, AR Associated Press “Best Newscast-Major Market” for morning drive-time newscasts in 1989 while employed as News Director for Signal Media Corp., KHLT “K-lite 94”. Retired from broadcasting in 1991. Rental real estate investor.

Boating, fishing, (Greers Ferry Lake, AR), Corvettes (1st car was a 1976), history and philosophy.